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FDB Corner Lot at 115th Street Gets Glassy New Rendering

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A flashy rendering for a site on the corner of Frederick Douglass Boulevard at 115th Street is sure looking mighty glassy. The three adjacent lots at 2126 FDB, 2128 FDB and 280 West 115th Street are listed for $4 million and are being touted as "One of the last remaining undeveloped sites for development along the Fredrick Douglas Blvd. corridor from 110th Street to 125th Street." It looks like two residential towers with separate entrances and a garage, with an odd continuous wall that might not leave room for retail. But we might just be nitpicking an early, rough rendering. Are developments like this just a reality for an oh so prestigious neighborhood? Harlem Bespoke opines that the buildings currently function as tenements with a boarded up retail space so it's not the prettiest sight at the moment.

· Listing: 2126 FDB [Streeteasy]