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East Harlem South's Nicest Penthouse Willing to Take $2.6M Loss

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This penthouse at 9 East 96th Street that's actually in Carnegie Hill (or East Harlem South according to Property Shark) has had a pretty volatile pricing history. Back in 2008 it sold for $7,570,000 and in 2010 came back on the market for $7,295,000. A series of pricecuts have led to an all time low asking of $4,950,000. That's $2,620,000 less than what the owner paid for this place! The 4 BR 4BA with wraparound terrace with this asking price might finally garner the attention it so sorely wants. We suppose the vanilla interiors might have a hand in not exactly causing people's eyes to widen but who knows, this new price might make that forgivable.

· Listing: 9 East 96th Street PH [Corcoran]
· 9 East 96th Street [Property Shark]