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Here Now, Secret Highlights From Manhattan's $90 Million Mansion

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Given its incredibly hefty price tag, very few folks will see the inside of 4 East 80th Street, the 35-foot-wide townhouse that hit the market in March priced at a breezy $90 million. And the four interior photos on the listing didn't really satisfy, given that the house has 10 bedrooms, 11.5 bathrooms, three kitchens, and more than 18,000 square feet of high-end real estate goodness (did we mention the 50-person dining room?) inside.

To help alleviate this devastating situation, Curbed asked a well known broker who's recently been inside the place to share his/her highlights, which we've illustrated with super-rare spy photographs taken on and around the property.

Best feature not shown in listing photos: "The view of the park from the roof, given the location one block from The Met."

Worst feature not shown in photos: "The kitchen's too small to serve 50 people for dinner."

Biggest surprise: "That over 60 people show up to work there every day—employees of the Lucille Roberts gym empire."

What it feels like to walk in: "It felt like walking into a French châteaux."

Most comparable townhouse: "I've been in some of the best townhouse's NYC has to offer (16 East 69th, 631 Park, 40 West 10th, 20 East 64th, 106 Eth 71) but cannot compare any of these simply because of the width and the restoration of the original details—especially the moldings."

Target/ideal buyer: "An embassy, hedge fund, or any other small business that can not only use it as a place of work but also to entertain."

Ultimate sales price:"$60m-70m. I don't think it will need any PriceChops, because if you're shopping in this price range, I'm sure your broker will include this in the tour."

Overall verdict: "I'll take it!"

4 East 80th Street

4 East 80th Street, New York, NY