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Woman Hopes $50M House Will Help Her Meet Men; More!

The latest headlines from Curbed Hamptons, our outpost on the East End?

1) Last summer, Tampa resident Cheryl Mercuris rented Bridgehampton's $50 million Sandcastle in an attempt to meet men. She was unsuccessful, but hey, maybe she'll have better luck this year.

2) Billy Joel originally tried to sell his Sagaponack estate for $22.5 million in 2009, but even the Nate Berkus redesign hasn't managed to sell the place. It's now asking just $16.8 million.

3) Let's follow that up with a PriceUpper, shall we? One Southampton home owned by former Esprit exec Juergen Friedrich just upped its price by $9.5 million, from $49.9 million to $59 million. Happy house shopping!

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