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Williamsburg's 175 Kent Avenue is Ready for a Round of Golf

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As <a href="" rel="nofollow">promised</a>, a rooftop putting green.
As promised, a rooftop putting green.

[Photos by Will Femia.]

For a few years now, we've known 175 Kent as just a part of the neighborhood big dig that brought us 184 Kent, Northside Piers, and the Edge. 175 Kent is later to the party, but it still wants to have a good time: for outdoor types, there's the rooftop putting green; for the more indoors-y, there's a computer game. The building recently completed its rooftop and amenities spaces?shown in the gallery above, along with two model units?so we swung by for a tour.
A bunch of the building's listings saw a RentUpper of 14 percent in March. Now, we see listings for 17 available units, ranging in price from a $2,292/month studio to a $4,265/month two-bedroom. Any takers, or was the early rent increase too optimistic?

UPDATE: Building reps tell us the place is officially 80 percent leased.
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175 Kent Ave.

175 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY