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Condé Nast Already Proving to Be High-Maintenance at 1 WTC

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Given that Condé Nast was careful to provide for its black cars and designer dresses before signing a lease at 1 World Trade Center, maybe we shouldn't be surprised to find out that the Vogue publisher has already proven to be a high-maintenance tenant for the Port Authority. The Post has the full details today on some of the modifications the Condé gang requested at 1 WTC. Perhaps not surprisingly for a company that had Frank Gehry design its 4 Times Square cafeteria, these changes have to do with the lunchroom:

The glitzy publishing giant is spending up to $1 million for a huge ventilation shaft that will poke through the façade of the north face of the glass tower at 1 WTC so that the Condé Nast cafeteria can have its own exhaust outlet, rather than tie in to the central flue used by the rest of the tenants that will run up the center of the building.
The one-story-high, 25-foot-wide ventilation shaft will be visible from the ground?but it might still be less jarring than the company's original plan, which was to drill through the building's southern wall instead. Why go to all the trouble for a separate exhaust outlet? Condé's half-floor cafeteria might also house Gourmet Cookbook and Bon Appétit test kitchens, and the mingling of Bon Appétit exhaust with normal employee lunch exhaust could trigger the apocalypse.
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