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Bushwick 'Artist's Haven' Unhappy With Transient Youths

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Last year the New York Times did a profile on CastleBraid, the Bushwick rental/artist's colony where a tiff between the developer and a renter ended with the developer saying “I told him it was wrong what he’s doing, but that I loved him anyway, as I love the whole world.” And cue the record scratch, because less than a year later Bushwick BK reports on the relationship between management and renters which has grown distrustful. All over a youth hostel aptly named "The Open Canvas" which was illegally functioning as an eight-person guesthouse catering to young artists and travelers. So, people just like the residents? Anyway, the management claims it was all the act of a sole rogue tenant and they had nothing to do with it. Renters aren't so sure.

One of the tenants asks "How do you obtain serialized RF keys for 8 individuals without someone ‘on the inside’ supplying the devices?" A good question! One we'd probably want answered if we were paying between $1,700 and $3,300 a month to live in freakin' Bushwick.
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