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Old Mars Bar Building Tenants Are Buying New Units for $10 Each

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Nine tenants from the soon-to-be gone buildings that house Mars Bar are going to get a pretty sweet deal. After they leave their apartments at the end of the month, they're going to return in two years getting the chance to purchase discounted apartments in the new 60-unit building going up on the site. Just how discounted? Oh, they're going to pay about $10 a piece for the apartments, which make up 9 out of the 13 affordable housing units in the new building. No matter how much someone may despise gentrification, ya gotta admit that is one hell of a deal. The only tenant who was willing to be interviewed on the matter by Crain's said it best, "I don't know who these people are. They're giving me a two-bedroom apartment, that sounds fab." Indeed, it does sound fab. The developers, BFC Partners just got their demolition permit officially approved in May, so expect another pop-up funeral once the building goes down in August. Joining these nine tenants in a triumphant return will be Mars Bar, which plans to reopen once construction is complete. Will it have the same rustic charm once the smell is gone? Only time can tell.
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