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St. Claire Hits 65 Percent Sold; East River Ferry Reviewed

HARLEM?The St. Claire on Fifth condo at 2077 Fifth Avenue came back to life in January after some recession-induced troubles. This time around, things went more smoothly: the building is 65 percent sold, according to the sales team. The units that have found buyers were priced between $615,000 and $915,000. Condos still left range from $630,000 to $735,000. [CurbedWire Inbox]

EAST RIVER?The East River Ferry began service this morning, bringing hope to ferry-starved residents of Long Island City, frustrated Williamsburg L train riders, and many folks in between. One early review found its way into the Curbed inbox: "Punctuality is required (Which is good)," writes our tipster. "It's a nice short ride to 34th. Depending on where you work not an everyday ride but as other people said in LIC 'definitely will use it on the weekend to W'burg.' The walk from LIC to the Terminal is 15 min through construction and industrial side?Seems Water Taxi Beach should come back." Our reviewer had just one real gripe: "The southbound ferry started its engine and spit out black smoke just as we arrived at 34th Street, making us breath Diesel when leaving the Ferry. Nice way to say 'welcome.'" [CurbedWire Inbox]