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Developers Go For The Gut (Renovation) at UES McMansions

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It took a couple tries, but last spring the Chetrit Group received Landmarks Preservation Commission approval for a McMansion makeover on East 76th Street. We checked in on how the transformation of six dilapidated townhouses into three shiny new ones is going, and almost none of the original six brownstones remain. A permeable mesh encases the scaffolding on the front facades of the original buildings, allowing this fully-fledged gut job to be seen from up and down the street. One of the original facades is actually nowhere to be found, revealing a giant, barren lot with lots of work to be done.
We took a peek inside this work zone and found that only a bare steel skeleton and a massive pile of bricks remained. While the Landmarks Preservation Commission did give the go-ahead on the partial demolition of some of the brownstones, it didn't look very partial to us. What we saw in the gallery above.

And here's what it's all supposed to look like when done:

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?Reporting and photos by Michael Piderit.