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Harlem Condo-Turned-Hostel-Turned-Condo Goes Rental

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There's yet another twist in the endless saga of the Lotta Condominiums, the Harlem building (and oversupply representative) that decided to become a youth hostel back in 2008. Last we heard, the building had been sold and planned to come back to market as condos and rentals, with condo prices around $650 or $750 per square foot.

Or not! Harlem Bespoke notes that the building is back on the market, but there are no condos to be found. Instead, the buildng's got a new name, The Morellino (did the owners get tired of the Lotta puns?) and it's all rentals. StreetEasy shows 17 active listings, with prices from $2,300/month for a 1BR to $5,750/month for 3BRs. That's a lotta change, but it looks like a number of units have already been rented.
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159 West 118th Street

159 West 118th Street, New York, NY 10026