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LPC Unanimously Dislikes MTA's Latest Fake Townhouse Plan

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The MTA has been showing its latest renderings for the proposed subway ventilation plant at Mulry Square around town for the last couple of weeks. The renderings are a revision of a much-criticized early plan; this time around, the concrete box with brick faux-cade and 19th century-style roof setback has a shorter facade and real glass in the windows. So how'd the Landmarks Preservation Commission like those changes? They didn't. At all. The LPC voted unanimously today to issue a negative advisory report about the proposal?which means essentially nothing, since the LPC has no control over the MTA's design.
"I haven't seen a problem harder to solve than this one," said Commissioner Frederick Bland, but that was about all the sympathy the MTA found from the LPC commissioners. "It’s better to try an approach that reflects what you’re doing,” said Commissioner Roberta Washington. “There are ways to do that.” One potential way suggested by another commissioner: adding a screen to the building, in the style of the New York Times building. No word yet on whether the MTA plans to make further revisions to the ventilation plant.
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