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Dumbo Loft Conversion 192 Water Already Mostly Sold

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For a building that got off to a slow start, Dumbo loft conversion 192 Water Street sure has picked up the pace. After teasing us last month with its website?playfully designed by children's book illustrator Oliver Jeffers?the building held its official public opening last week. And it's already mostly sold! Reps for the building tell us there are only two units left. StreetEasy shows slightly different numbers but offers its own hint that sales are going well: four of the units still listed just got PriceUpped between $15,000 and $25,000. (Prices now range from $1.795 million to $2.45 million.) Small increases, but quite the sign of confidence for apartments that, according to a Curbed operative who attended the launch event, don't even have windows installed yet. Above, some photos, renderings, and floorplans from the handful of remaining units.
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