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Upper East Siders Don't Want Private School to Get Its Glass Atrium

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The Spence School spent a hefty $27.5 million on the Wanamaker Munn House back in 2008, handily outbidding a potential private buyer. We've been waiting to find out whether the school had any big plans for its acquisition, assuming the purchase wasn't just an in-class exercise. Now we know, and it already comes with a bonus neighborhood feud! The plan: building a glass atrium between the Spence building at 22 East 91st Street and the townhouse behind it at 17 East 90th Street. The school, DNAinfo explains, wants the atrium because it would keep students from getting "scrapes and bruises" rushing up and down the stairs between classes.

Stairs and stones may break the Spence girls' bones, but?the neighbors really don't care. They say the atrium?planned at 20 feet wide and 30 feet tall, though we don't see any renderings yet?will take away their light and air. The plan needs Board of Standards and Appeals approval because it violates zoning, but can the BSA possibly be any tougher than Blair Waldorf?
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