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Here Are Five Wacky Visions of New York City in 2040

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We love a good architectural rendering of what the New York City of the future might look like. Conveniently for us, so do the people who plan museum exhibitions on architecture. The latest is Glimpses of New York and Amsterdam in 2040, on display at the Center for Architecture from now through September 10. Five New York architects were asked to contribute their images of the "future of the future," aka life in c. 2040 NYC. The list includes a few Curbed favorites, like SO-IL, of Long Island City pole dance fame, and Interboro Partners, the creators of this year's P.S. 1 hyperboloid. So what do they think the city will look like 29 years from now?a time that doesn't actually seem all that far away?
The visions are less gloom-and-doom than we expected. The Hybrid Urban Base project that dlandstudio proposes for LIC "utilizes projected higher water levels to create a new intermodal civic and transport center." SO-IL proposes "a system of harvesting electronic and organic waste" at a facility in Sunset Park. W Architecture and Landscape Architecture "propose new 'archipelagos' that create a system for refuge and exploration along the Hudson estuary. By 2040, travelers will be able to adventure along and across the Hudson for day trips or overnights from the Battery to Troy." WORKac drew up plans for a Brooklyn-based food infrastructure that includes an underground aquaponics network. So it's all going to be collaboration and day trips and green transportation? The movies have lied to us!
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