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Hedge Funder Picks Up $2.2M Edge Penthouse

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What do a professional LED artist and a trader-turned-hedge funder have in common? They both plunked down serious cash to live in Williamsburg. More specifically the penthouses at the Edge. According to the Observer, another penthouse in the city's most popular building just sold for $2,200,000, with an initial ask of $2.56M. For his hard-earned cash the buyer gets a 3BR 3BA 1,982 square foot unit with a private roof deck. That's a nice piece of property, but still pales in comparison to the $5.1M two-penthouse combo in the building. But very, very nice indeed.

According to the Observer, the buyer is Jordan Milman. He used to work for Deutsche Bank as a trader, but left to found his own hedge fund. A world in which bankers and LED artists can live side by side in luxury penthouses is one truly nobody could have imagined.

If you squint hard enough you'll see a floorplan!

· Williamsburg Loses Its Edge: Banker Buys Penthouse [Observer]
· Listing: 34 North 7th PH2GN [Streeteasy]

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