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Latest Vision for World Financial Center Renovation Revealed

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[Renderings by dbox.]

Since World Financial Center owner Brookfield Properties began talking about a major renovation early last year, we've seen a few renderings and much agitation over the fate of the building's Winter Garden and its grand staircase. Is the drama about to come to an end? Perhaps! Brookfield announced the full details of its $250 million renovation plan today, and the redo "incorporates the existing Winter Garden staircase," according to a Brookfield press release. Take a look at the latest renderings in the gallery above.
Architecturally, the plan calls for a glass pavilion on West Street designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli, which will connect the World Financial Center to the World Trade Center and the Fulton Street Transit Hub. Once inside the World Financial Center, folks will find a "European-style marketplace," dining options?including 15 "chef-driven concepts"? and more than 40 high-end retailers. We're looking forward to shopping at Louise Vuittaine.
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