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Illegally Reno'd South Slope Shack Wants Massive Profit

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If the seller of this cute little house is to be believed, the South Park Slope market is positively booming. The 14-foot wide house sold for $475,000 just back in February and now it's back seeking just a tiny profit. Well, a tiny million dollar profit as it's now asking $1,400,000. As IMBY astutely points out, "DOB records indicate 1,114 buildable square feet on this diminutive 877 square foot lot. I believe that puts this little fircracker just north of the $1000 sf mark." A full stop work order was also slapped on this place near the end of April. Didn't stop it from getting a nice little renovation, though! Not that any renovation justifies this asking price. Bullish! Also, not going to happen.
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