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Long Island City's P.S. 1 Space is Finally in a Holding Pattern

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When the architects at Interboro Partners aren't coming up with crazy concepts for New York City in 2040, they're stringing ropes across the walled courtyard of the MoMA P.S. 1 museum in Long Island City. The firm's Holding Pattern design won the annual Young Architects Program competition, and Archpaper has shots of the installation, which recently went up in the courtyard. Above, the ropes, which will jazz up the space while leaving room for people attending P.S. 1's Warm Up concert series. Practical, and hey, the ropes also form a "soaring hyperboloid surface."
Interboro Partners also chatted with local residents about what they wanted to see at P.S. 1, and the answers included trees, benches, a lifeguard tower, mirrors, ping-pong tables, and flood lights. Which means all of those things are also part of the installation and will be distributed to the community after the exhibit's September 26 end-date. Here's the tree area:

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