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TriBeCa Getting a Cast Iron "Inversion" Building

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The Observer got their hands on a rendering for 83 Walker Street in TriBeCa, a nine-story condo that just got the go-ahead from the LPC. At first glance, there doesn't seem to be anything particularly interesting about the building but according to Morris Adjmi, the architect, it's an "inversion of a cast building." What on earth does that mean? Well, the Observer explains:

Mr. Adjmi creates his unusual inversion by casting a glass-reinforced concrete that is the opposite of the typical Tribeca facade. Instead of columns curving out from the building, they are indented into it. The windows, typically recessed, jut out from facade. It is as though the building across the street had been pressed against this one while it was still drying. Iiiinteresting. Once the building gets approval from the City Planning Commission, construction is slated to begin in nine months.
· A Condo Grows at 83 Walker Street [Observer]