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Amidst Rent Regulation Expiration, More Uncertainty

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Around midnight today, rent regulation laws expired as the state senate voted against against extending the bill 43-14. Gov. Cuomo and some state democrats were hoping for an extension until 3 p.m tomorrow, but that was shot down by anti-regulation Republicans with the unexpected help of some Democrats who said that an extension is just not "good enough." So what now? Well, nobody really knows but according to the Times, Gov. Cuomo says “There is a full agenda for both the Assembly and Senate to accomplish and the legislative session will not end, either through regular or special session, until the people’s business is done" so hopefully there will be some resolution for the million or so New Yorkers who are on pins and needles over this vote. He also implores people to not panic as most people are protected by their leases. Well played, Albany.
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