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41 Units in Bushwick Building Hit With Vacate Notices

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Bushwick BK is reporting on a story involving about 160 people getting evicted from their apartments at 345 Eldert Street, a legal conversion in Bushwick. The FDNY slapped vacate orders on 41 of the 76 units in the building citing violations regarding illegal mezzanines, illegal plumbing, blocked sprinklers and blocked exits. The building's management, Carnegie, was doing work inside the lofts after the FDNY visit, trying to get them up to code at which point "tenants on the floor above threw several rolls of paper out the window to the street below", which might not be the most helpful course of action.

One of the residents, Sean Kean has a website for the building where residents have been keeping us up to date with what's going on in 345 Eldert.

"Thank you Red Cross for all you do. As for the fire dept? well lets just say this sort of abrupt action has caused more damage than it prevents. Everyone was in a state of panic and confusion, our posessions and selves have been uprooted and tossed around and displaced?.and there WASN’T ANY FIRE." "41 of 80 apartments sealed – estimated 125 people dieplaced. Red cross providing hotel for those requesting housing for tonight. One bus provided by MTA to 3 hotels in sunset park, brooklyn. $50 debit card voucher for food."

A hotel stay probably isn't as much of an upgrade when you're not coming from a hipster trailer park.

· FDNY Kicks Illegal Eldert Loft Tenants to the Curb [Bushwick BK]