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15 CPW Developer Already Tired of the Upper East Side

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We thought we'd closed the book on developer William Zeckendorf's apartment purchases, but there's a surprise epilogue! Let's review the story up to now: Zeckendorf unloaded his 41st-floor condo at 15 Central Park West?which he developed?for a record-breaking $40 million at the very end of 2010. He moved across town to 927 Fifth Avenue, where he paid $29 million for part of the duplex that belonged to late investment banker Bruce Wasserstein. We assumed Zeckendorf really wanted the place, because he bought it at an unusual one-day auction for $3 million over the asking price.

But the rich act in mysterious ways?and Zeckendorf is already putting the 927 Fifth co-op back on the market. The Times reports that the 5BR, 5.5BA pad (with nice views) will be listed officially this weekend, for $31.5 million. Which is, actually, a lot less than we would have expected Zeckendorf to shoot for. Maybe he just couldn't deal with Pale Male any longer.
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