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West Village's Copper Building Is Ready to Party Poolside

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Where else to wait out a tornado warning than poolside on the roof at 385 West 12th Street? We couldn't think of a better spot, so we braved destruction by weather and a non-working elevator to visit the top of FLAnk's almost sold-out copper-clad building for a bash last night. And we don't think it was the raw bar and wine that left us liking the pool, the grilling area, or the views of some of our other far West Village obsessions. Now we know why so many thieves steal copper!
The party was on the roof, but also open for viewing was the building's remaining listing, #TH1, which has its own entrance next to the building's main one. We wandered through for some photos, including a glimpse of the art gallery that's an unexpected part of the slightly odd basement layout. The house is now on the market for $7.495 million after a few pricing changes and a broker switch to Town. Here's the floorplan:

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385 West 12th Street

385 West 12th Street, New York, NY