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Two Trees To Bestow Free WiFi on the People of Dumbo

Dumbo tried to rebrand itself as Silicon Beach last summer, but it takes more than a neighborhood nickname to give a 'hood true geek cred. Like, say, free wireless for all. Dumbo overlords Two Trees are now unveiling the rather unexcitingly-named Dumbo Wi-Fi, a free outdoor wireless network between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, the result of a partnership between the developer and the neighborhood's business improvement district. Two Trees contributed about $65,000 worth of antennas and equipment, the Times explains. (A similar network will be coming to Manhattan at the end of June, but access will be offered through cell phone providers.) Dumbo will be the first NYC nabe to offer free WiFi, because the networks have proven, as the mayor's spokesperson puts it, "technically problematic." Hopefully the Walentas clan looked into the network's e-mail security.
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