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Psychic Time Warner Center Penthouse Now Asking $44.95M

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When an "unnamed Russian tycoon" picked up only half of a proposed 74th- and 75th-floor Time Warner Center combo condo last summer, the half that remained didn't let the rejection get to it. After a hiatus to rent out the place for $57,500/month, owner Steven Feder?who once headed the Psychic Readers Network?brought it back to market for $38.5 million, a $3.5M jump in price. No takers, but maybe Miss Cleo gave Feder good news this month, because the apartment is coming back to the market for a whopping $44.95 million. The fresh listing doesn't yet have pictures, but the earlier version does, so we collected 'em for the gallery above. Give those psychic powers a test and predict the final price.
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