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Admiral's Row Up for Public Review; Salt Shed's a Winner

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FORT GREENE?We've been hearing a lot about the preservation issues at the Brooklyn Navy Yard's Admiral's Row, where two dilapidated buildings were slated to be saved. But what about the rest of the project, which called for a supermarket and retail space? Funny we should ask, because the seven-month public review of the plan?which will transfer the six-acre site from the federal government to the city?kicked off today. Once the public review ends, the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation will issue a request for proposals for the site. [CurbedWire Inbox]

NYC?Put your hands together for the winners of the Public Design Commission's 29th Annual Awards for Excellence in Design, which go to "exceptional public projects." There are a few familiar facades on the list, including the Dattner Architects-designed salt shed that's part of the Sanitation Department's Tower o' Garbage. This is one of the giant salt crystal's first pieces of positive reinforcement.
Construction of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum Rooftop Pavilion
Construction of a Salt Shed
Reconstruction of Harper Street Yard, including the Construction of a Diesel Monitoring Booth
Renovation of and Addition to the 122 Community Center, including the Installation of Inhale/Exhale and Independent Lines by Monika Goetz
Installation of a Commemorative Program at the Original Yankee Stadium Site
Rehabilitation of the Delancey and Essex Municipal Parking Garage
Construction of the Hunter’s Point Community Library
Reconstruction of the Staten Island Animal Care Facility
Rehabilitation of the Sands Street Gatehouses
Renovation and Expansion of the Museum of the Moving Image