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Top Dog (Run) Nominee #1: 'Tired-Ass Dogs' at Hillside Park

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As part of Curbed Outdoors Week 2011, we're looking to settle the question once and for all of the city's best dog run. Nominate your dog run for eternal glory by writing us a short description of what makes it so great and why your dog loves it. The nominator of the winning dog run scores $500 worth of pet gear. Nominations to, please.

I'd like to nominate Brooklyn's Hillside Park as the best dog run in the city. It's absolutely huge at 2+ acres, and on a steep, sweeping hill, so even the big dogs have enough room to wear themselves out. Other runs in town may be great for socializing (e.g. Tompkins Square Park), but at the end of the day what I want is a tired ass dog, not new friends with neck tattoos.
The location between Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO is convenient, without taking up valuable public park space. The block was unneeded land after the BQE was finished, and probably has too much BQE noise exposure to be useful as a park (not that nearby Brooklyn Bridge Park is a walk in the library). What could have been a useless planted highway marginal is instead one of the biggest, most popular dog parks I've ever seen in an urban area.

I've attached a photo of my chihuahua/dachshund mutt George Wendt, surveying his kingdom from a tree stump.
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Think your dog run is better? Your nominations to, please.

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201