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What's Behind the Fowl Stench on Broome Street?

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Mostly we love the outdoors, hell, we even committed a whole week to it. But New York Magazine brought our attention to something that we usually shove to the back of our minds and try to forget as quickly and painlessly as possible. The smells. The bad kinds. And they took a look into the mac daddy of them all, Broome Street between Allen and Eldridge. Indeed, they brought in olfactory expert Chandler Burr who magnificently pointed out every single urine smell that came his way, but couldn't completely put his finger on that one transcendent offender. It was then the author realized where the fetor was coming from.

284 Broome Street, home of Yu & Qiang Trading Inc. Just reading the address alone now tests our gag reflexes, because it's this hell-spawn of a poultry warehouse responsible for the foulest odor in the land. In an explanation that will have you run straight for the McNuggets, it's the scent of the “stacked boxes of processed poultry sitting in the warmth” emanating into the streets. Meatless Mondays are sounding pretty good to us right now.

NY Mag has a full list of smelly hot spots. They run the gamut from a pleasant smell at the entrance of Central Park at 64th Street to an atrocious F-train smell. We need to go light some incense now.
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