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Work Underway At 25- Story Condo On 15th Street

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Neighbors were happy when a 25-story condo at 31 West 15th Street was denied in May, but it looks like work is now underway on the 355 foot tower. The zoning plans for the condo atop Xavier High School were approved earlier this month and work is already underway by Alchemy Construction, who are revising their building plans. The school gave Alchemy the air rights in exchange for use of the first six floors of the new building. Neighbors are ticked since the building is taller than pretty much everything else around it, but seem resigned to the newcomer that's going to stick out like a sore thumb and cast a shadow on their homes. But on the other hand, with at least one of us here speaking as a Xavier grad, the school could certainly use the new facilities.

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31 West 15th Street

31 West 15th Street, New York, NY