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Top Dog (Run) Nominee #2: Wide Open Spaces in Rockaway Beach

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As part of Curbed Outdoors Week 2011, we're looking to settle the question once and for all of the city's best dog run. Nominate your dog run for eternal glory by writing us a short description of what makes it so great and why your dog loves it. The nominator of the winning dog run scores $500 worth of pet gear. Nominations to, please.

Today I am writing to nominate Freeway Dog Park in Rockaway Beach as the best Dog Park in NYC. If you are looking for ample space, look no further. Freeway Dog Park is well over two acres. As far as my dog is concerned, it’s the best. “Park” is one of the few words that gets him excited, no matter where or what time you say the word. He will even take you to it if you don’t know where it is.

And what’s not to love? He has plenty of room to stretch his legs and run at top speed with his buddies. The grass is real, there’s plenty of shade, separate section for time outs, poop bag holders, and places to sit. The group who stewards the park with the help of the Parks Department works very hard to help keep the park neat and add amenities to the park. And even though it’s surrounded on all sides by elevated trains and has planes flying overhead, the space is surprisingly quiet. It’s beautiful, not just in the Summer, but the Winter as well. Looking at this space, you would never realize that you are in New York City. The beach is also not far away!
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Think your dog run is better? Your nominations to, please.