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95 Greene Street Pranks Penthouse Owner Ken Nahoum

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Let the public shaming commence! The condo board at 95 Greene Street has declared all out war against celeb photographer Ken Nahoum, who at this point owes over $125,000 in common charges. So how are they planning on humiliating the cash out of him? Well, there's a 8.5X11 framed poster in the lobby, depicting Ken and his Victoria's Secret girlfriend wearing superhero costumes with the words "Why aren’t these ‘caped crusaders’ paying their common charges?" Nice, nice. What else? Well, he's also had his elevator privileges revoked, which is always bad news for a penthouse owner. In a twist of irony, Nahoum just filed a lawsuit against the condo board, stating that there was a "brazen trampling" of his ownership rights. Sorry, Ken— if you're going to be seen using the most expensive seats in a Knicks game while not paying common charges, embittered neighbors will be pissed. We're sure the rest of the building can't wait for someone new to move in. Paging Fabolous.

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95 Greene Street

95 Greene Street, New York, NY