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East River Floating Pool Aims Higher; Play the (Public) Piano

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EAST RIVER?The +Pool team quickly surpassed its fundraising goal of $25,000, needed to build a full-size working prototype of one section of the four-part pool. With three weeks left until the funding deadline, what now? +Pool has announced two new goals: $50,000, to test the secondary filtration layers ("the meat in the filtration sandwich") and $100,000, to test all the filtration materials. Onward and upward! [Kickstarter]

CLINTON HILL?It's public piano season, and the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership is throwing a party to, uh, surround the piano and whoever might want to play it with actual musicians. The High and Mighty Brass Band will be on hand tomorrow from 6 to 8. Happy ivory tickling! [CurbedWire Inbox]