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Carroll Gardens Rooftop Garden Serves Pesto Year-Round

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As part of Curbed Outdoors Week 2011, we'll be running photos of reader-submitted terraces and gardens. The prize for the best photo is a pair of photo-tastic rooftop garden books. Send photos to, if you please.

Today's Curbed reader garden is a rooftop in Carroll Gardens. The owner's introduction:

I grow.. and hybridize some tropical's... the angel trumpets are the ones with the long trumpet shaped flowers...and I grow some veggies.. enough basil for 52 packs of pesto.. so have one a week all year long... some years grow an assortment of the hottest peppers available ...such as Devils Tongue... the hottest of the habaneros.. one called Fatale.. some of the little bird peppers..and others.. and make a few quarts of the hottest hot sauce about... I've been growing for awhile... The New Yorker mentioned my moss clothing back in 1969. · Outdoors Week 2011 coverage [Curbed]