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Griffin Court Gets Artistic With Temporary Sculpture Garden

454 West 54th Street's Griffin Court?last seen here with a cameo on Selling New York?already has a fake forest, so we know the building is, in its own way, into the great outdoors. Now, the building has added a a series of sculptures in its courtyard, all by members of the Sculptors Guild and on display until September 11. We stopped by last night to check out the 12 pieces. (The sky was just about to open, so pardon the overcast photos.) Each artist wrote up a brief description of his or her work (the oldest dates from 1981, and the newest from this year). Here's the one for "Looking Glass," by Stephen Keltner:

It is through the spectator's cognitive perception of visual patterns found in our natural environment that information evolves. It is my intention to create a source for a Gestalt effect, where the activities within the total field of the whole govern the perceptual processes and mages are perceived as a pattern or a whole rather than merely as a sum of distinct component parts. We hope those cabanas are conducive to deep thoughts.
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Griffin Court Condominium

800 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY