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Checking in on Greenpoint's In-Progress Transmitter Park

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Transmitter Park from Greenpoint Ave. <br />
Transmitter Park from Greenpoint Ave.

[Photos by Will Femia.]

Back in October, Transmitter Park?the vacant lot at the end of Greenpoint Avenue headed for park-dom?was just barely showing signs of construction. Fast forward to now, and the transmission is still a little fuzzy, but it's starting to come through. In the gallery above, a comparison of the late 2009 site to what it looks like now?and what it's eventually supposed to look like, according to the city's renderings. Still to come: the former WNYC radio transmitter site will become a cafe, and there will be seating, "a natural wetland shoreline," and a pedestrian bridge over a historic ferry slip that's being restored as wetland. The park's lawn will slope up into a children's play area meant for kids ages two to five, who we guess will never know what radio is, anyway.

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