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Inside Tribeca's Party-Lovin' $22.5 Million Townhouse

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Parties: We like them! Invite us to yours!

Tribeca doesn't have a plentiful townhouse stock, but this baby is the Big Kahuna. We stopped by a little shindig at 321A Greenwich Street and managed to grab some pics of the 9,100 square foot behemoth when we were taking a break from chowing down on hors d'oeuvres and champagne. It looks like work still isn't totally done since there was still some roughness around the edges, scaffolding up front and an unfinished (but still awesome) wine cellar. All in all it's got five floors and a basement. But hey, there's an elevator!

Now, to get to the price. At $22,500,000 it's certainly aggressive and the lack of staging might leave some buyers not quite feeling the big 2-0. But, the right kazillionaire could fall in love and scoop the place up. However, let us not forget the tale of the Arthur house on nearby Jay Street which was initially asking $15.8M and sold for $9.755M. Or— to go to a much darker place— the tragic tale of 75 Murray Street which obdurately asks $17.5M even after being on the market for 5 years. It's nearly impossible to predict this place's fate, but what we do know is that the gallery on the first floor makes for one hell of a party space.

· Listing: 321A Greenwich Street [Elliman]