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Nolita Penthouse Studio Leaves Lots of Room for Gardening

As part of Curbed Outdoors Week 2011, we'll be running photos of reader-submitted terraces and gardens. The prize for the best photo is a pair of photo-tastic rooftop garden books. We'll close out the contest on Monday.

Today's terrace is at a building we've seen before:

The two terraces that flank 56 Spring are sublime retreats from the streets of SoHo and NoLIta. But more interesting is the micro-sized apartment in between the two. Just 300 square feet comprise apartment #7, but the two jumbo-sized terraces flanking both the north and south sides, make this postage stamp apartment well worth any indoor living sacrifices. The apartment itself was initially intended to be the second floor of a duplex. The developer ultimately decided to cut the apartment in half, creating a penthouse studio on the top floor.
I relied on friends in New York to find this apartment for me. Calling me upon their find with Douglas Elliman broker John Herbst, they claimed that they think they found the quintessential bachelor pad, exclaiming on the phone: "We're not sure if you can fit your bed in here, but we think you can have a party for 300 people on these terraces!" The canary palms play homage to my previous life in California and both the boxwoods and bamboo hold up all winter long! · 56 Spring Street coverage [Curbed]
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