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Brooklyn's Hugh Hardy-Designed Theater Will Look Like This

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We've been waiting for new renderings for the Theater for a New Audience ever since Frank Gehry got the boot from the project in 2008. The assignment went to Hugh Hardy?who had been working with Gehry on the design?and ground broke on the H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture version this morning. We stopped by the Ashland Place location (between Lafayette Avenue and Fulton Street) for some construction shots, even though the ceremonial shovels have only just touched ground. Curtains up: spring 2013, when a Julie Taymor-directed production hits the stage.
As for the design, the project will include a 299-seat, flexible theater designed specifically for the performance of Shakespeare and classic drama. Also included in the design are studio spaces of up to 99 seats for performance, rehearsals and events; a book kiosk, a lobby café and theatrical support spaces. It's all in a dramatic black box package, surrounded by a public arts plaza designed by landscape architect Ken Smith. This new building will be the theater’s first home and hopes to bring upwards of 25,000 new audience members to the neighborhood. BAM!
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?Reporting and photos by Michael Piderit; renderings by H3