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HL23, the "American Dream", Slowly Moving Voyeuristic Apartments

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Beloved by both Kanye and Nicolai Ouroussoff, HL23 hasn't been short on endorsements. But how are sales going in the High Line hugging glass spaceship? Well, as the Daily News reports, three units are in contract for $2.75M, $3.35M and $6.95M. That means 8 units are still available with asking prices between $3.45M for a three bedroom all the way up to $12M for the penthouse triplex. The Daily News' declaration of love should certainly help to move some of those units, they say "It could even be the American Dream, but a home in New York has become a global dream. Plus, we New Yorkers have our own dreams. Right now, those include survival, ingenuity and getting our “mojo” back." C'mon Kanye, we know you can afford that penthouse.

(The interior of 11th floor, asking $6.3M)

(The two ton marble desk in the lobby)
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