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Ten Apartments for Under $1 Million on NYC Parks

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Park facing apartments in New York, especially Manhattan, tend to be among the costliest around. But mere mortals should have access to some greenery too! So, with the help of our trusty intern Michael, we compiled 10 apartments in Manhattan and Brooklyn, each of which are asking under $1 Million.

10.) 106 Prospect Park West Apt. GF
Asking: $449,000
Maintenance/CC $635
The Skinny: This 1 BR 1 BA is a limestone floor-through facing Prospect Park. Wood-work abounds, and the house is pretty stunning. It clocks in at 750 square feet, so the asking price doesn't seem too out of this world for us.

9.) 1270 Fifth Avenue unit 10S
Asking: $985,000
Maintenance/CC: $1,132
The Skinny: This 2 BR 2 BA unit on Fifth Ave. just got a renovation, and it's looking pretty nice to us. What's better than a new reno? A new price, this place has come down all the way from $1.2M.

8.) 400 Central Park West unit 1-H
Asking: $745,000
Maintenance/CC: $720
The Skinny: This 1 BR 1 BA unit is on a Central Park facing building, but the fact that the apartment itself doesn't face the park and that it's a ground floor unit might hold some buyers back.

7.) 125 Ocean Avenue
Asking: $165,000
Maintenance/CC: $353
The Skinny: This 1 BR 1 BA apartment is facing Prospect Park and clocks in at 550 square feet. Though it's not the best location or the biggest apartment, the asking price is certainly low enough to forgive the flaws.

6.) 300 West 110th Street Unit 15F
Asking: $409,000
Maintenance/CC: $782
The Skinny: Situated right on the northwest corner of Central Park, this 1 BR 1 BA apartment is a pretty good value for someone who doesn't want to compromise space for a pad a few blocks south. Though it lacks a little personality, the reno is pretty decent.

5.)420 Riverside Drive Unit 3F
Asking: $695,000
Maintenance/CC: $910
The Skinny: A convertible 2 BR 1 BA in Morningside Heights, this unit is in a handsome building on a beautiful block. Riverside Park is pretty great to walk onto as soon as you leave your home, as well.

4.) 1270 Fifth Avenue
Asking: $450,000
Maintenance/CC: $649
The Skinny: This 1 BR 1 BA isn't the prettiest apartment out there, and it's little high up on Fifth Avenue at 108th Street. But at 800 square feet, it's a hell of a deal for someone itching to get onto Fifth Avenue and still needs a little room to stretch.

3.) 40 Prospect Park West Unit 2D
Asking: $449,000
Maintenance/CC: $810
The Skinny: This pre-war co-op with a doorman has about 700 square feet of space with 1 BR and 1 BA. While it's not exactly cheap for a one bedroom, the location and building certainly help to rationalize the pricing.

2.) 392 Central Park West 1S
Asking: $479,000
Maintenance/CC: $700
The Skinny: We're kind of loving this big studio on Central Park West. It's got nice big windows and faces the park. Yes, it's on the first floor and on the higher end for a studio, but we like it in spite of its flaws.

1.) 1165 Fifth Avenue 1B
Asking: $985,000
Maintenance/CC: $3,078
The Skinny: A 2 BR 1 BA spread on Fifth Avenue for under a million bucks is a pretty sweet deal, but the maintenance on this place is high. It is pretty though, and the maintenance might not be a deal breaker for some folks who are looking to save more on initial costs.