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Newly-Sold Units in Park Ave's Glass Slipper Already for Rent

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Over the past few weeks, glassy 1055 Park has become the drama queen of Park Avenue. First a judge had to order it to sell out. The buyers closed with major discounts. And then a jilted buyer sued the developer over the apartment he allegedly never had a chance to buy. All that and the building was probably hoping for a little peace and quiet?which it might get, because it looks like at least three of the buyers aren't planning to move into their units. Instead, all three are already on the rental market, for some pretty hefty prices.

The cheapest is a 2BR asking $25,000/month. There's a 3BR asking $30,000/month and another 3BR asking $35,000/month. That last unit has already lowered its expectations: it initially hit the rental market last week at a whopping $40,000/month. Will the glass slipper have better luck finding renters than it did buyers?
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1055 Park Avenue

1055 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10128