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Hold Onto Your Monocles! $49M Fifth Ave. Mansion Listing Arrives

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Last week your mega-mansion appetite was whetted with a preview of 973 Fifth Avenue. And now for a dose of ostentatiousness, we present to you some interior shots of 973 Fifth Avenue. True, it might not be as lavish as the now-legendary 4 East 80th Street, but it's certainly packing a lot of old-school dusty opulence in its 13,775 square feet. The Stanford White designed mansion, asking a whopping $49 million, is currently the only private house for sale on Fifth Avenue. To put the price in perspective in the area, the Bob Guccione, er, we mean Milbank Mansion sold for $49 Million back in 2008.

The listing for 973 Fifth Avenue doesn't really go into detail about what's really inside the mansion, it more just gives us a history lesson. What we do know is that the Renaissance palazzo style house "still possesses all the interior detail placed there by Stanford White, true to the original floor plan."

· Listing: 973 Fifth Avenue [BHS]

973 Fifth Avenue

973 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY