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A Look At Midtown's 1980s Time Machine (With Mirrored Ceilings!)

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Holy Patrick Nagel, someone loves the '80s! The images of this unit in the Sovereign at 215 East 58th Street speak for themselves, but...mirrored ceilings! The colors! It sure puts Freddy Mercury's old place in the building to shame. We'll let the pictures do the talking soon, but first some details on the place. It's asking $2,495,000 and has 1 bedroom and 2.5 bathrooms. If the owner is replicating the kinds of parties that took place in the '80s, we guess it makes sense to have all those bathrooms. Anyone down for a "Miami Vice" screening? Our pastel blazers are ready.
· Listing: 425 East 58th Street Unit 28D