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Fulton Street Lofts in Clinton Hill Take "Vintage" Very Seriously

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Location: 940 Fulton Street
Size: 12 units
Prices: $269,000 to $399,000
Architect: L&C Associates
Developer: 940 Fulton Street LLC
Sales & Marketing: aptsandlofts

Clinton Hill has seen and will continue seeing its share of questionable architecture, so we like the route this new small development on Fulton Street is taking. These converted studio and one bedrooms remind us more of the conversions happening in DUMBO, and that's pretty exciting. In the words of the developers "Rather than featuring the modern design elements we’re used to seeing in new construction, the condos here are like a blast from the past with exposed brick, reclaimed wood beams, farmhouse sinks and brass fixtures. The end result is a unique mixture of vintage and modern." We like what we see. It'll be interesting to see how these units fare in the market.
· Official Website: 940 Fulton Street []
· Fulton Street Lofts [Streeteasy]

Fulton Street Lofts

940 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY