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New 340 Court Developer Wants to Shed Light on Carroll Gardens

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"Looks like things may actually be moving forward," a tipster writes in about The Collection at Court Street. "The fence blocking off some equipment was being taken down this morning." It does indeed look like things are picking up speed at the recently restarted 340 Court Street, which has been just a hole in the ground since developer the Clarett Group abandoned it?and NYC? earlier this year. Neighbors may or may not be pleased about this. The good news for them: there will be some changes to the initial version of the 32-unit condo. The bad news: they might not be the changes the neighborhood wanted. New developer Alchemy Properties told local residents at a meeting on Friday, chronicled by PMFA, that the basic plans for the building, including the Rogers Marvel Architects design, are here to stay. But the facade will be much lighter than originally planned. Will the community be happy just to see some life in a stalled site?
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340 Court Street

340 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231