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New 285 Lafayette Street Unit Wants to Play With the Penthouses

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Most news about 285 Lafayette Street has been centered around the building's revolving cast of penthouses, especially Ian Schrager's $11M unit that came with its own private gym. Turns out the non-penthouse units aren't half-bad themselves. Unit 4E just hit the market asking $7,950,000 for 2 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, over 3,285 square feet with a pretty attractive interior. It last traded for $2,540,000 back in 2004, so the seller is hoping for a nice profit here. The slightly smaller Penthouse A is still on the market for $8,750,000 after being pricechopped from a high of $12M so we're not convinced if the optimistic pricing will fly. But hey, you never know.

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285 Lafayette

285 Lafayette Street, New York, NY