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Greenwich Mews Townhouse Wants $5.4M for Its Charms

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It's not often we see a house pop up at the Greenwich Mews in the West Village, so this listing got our attention pretty easily. The 2,900 square foot row house is on the market for $5,400,000, which is definitely not cheap especially when considering that 6 Greenwich Mews sold for $4.2M back in April. The renovation is pretty nice, but keeping this one in the $4M range might be a good move here. At least it's not the $7.995M they were asking in 2007. We do, however, like the Piano shot in the first image. Indeed, we haven't been so pleased with Piano-staging since 189 Bridge Street attempted to shake $7M out of a buyer's pockets.

· Listing: 2 Greenwich Mews [Elliman]