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LPC Seeks Big Landmark Expansions; Wants to Buck Procro

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The Landmarks Preservation Commission is really on a roll today, they're seeking to landmark or at least progress designations for over 1,700 buildings. That's the most since 1990, when they landmarked 2,020 buildings on the Upper West Side! So what's on their agenda?

The big story of the day is the vote on expanding the Crown Heights North II Historic District. They want to landmark 640 buildings in addition to the 472 that are already landmarked. This big chunk of rowhouses, freestanding houses and apartment buildings were built between 1870 and 1920. The area, called Crow Hill, borders Prospect Heights, so a landmark would seriously hinder a lot of new Procro development. The Wall Street Journal did a story on the community's involvement in pushing to get the area landmarked after some fugly construction in the area.

There are also going to be 15 public hearings today to landmark buildings in every borough. The other bigger hearings are in regards to the 300-building East Village/LES district, the 26-building East 10th Street District between Avenues A and B and the 150-building West End-Collegiate Historic District. They've already landmarked some notable buildings like 154 West 14th Street, the Fisk-Harkness House at 12 East 53rd Street and the Hardenbrook-Somarindyck house at 135 Bowery. Nobody tell Rem Koolhass.
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