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Conde Chooses 1 WTC Architect; Yotel's Luggage Robot Speaks

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?The latest development in publisher Condé Nast's many plans for its new office space at 1 World Trade Center: choosing an architect! The company has chosen Gensler to design the space, according to a Condé press release. Other Gensler projects we're familiar with: the InterContinental New York Times Square and the Shanghai Tower. Neither of which tells us much about what Condé's new office space will look like. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HELL'S KITCHEN?On a day when we've mentioned MiMA, it seems only fitting to also mention Yotel, the hotel that shares a tower with MiMA's rentals and condos. So what's new in the wacky pod world of Yotel? The hotel has a new "sound architect," Tom Middleton, who will be putting together "bespoke music and sound design?for the various hotel zones." Middleton's projects include "a special soundtrack to serve as the voice of YOBOT," also known as the sound we hear right before what began as a humble luggage storage system takes over the earth. [CurbedWire Inbox]